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A Park in Munich

Commercial Maintenance Programs

We know that the responsibilities of today's property managers are great. With security, budgeting and demanding tenants, time management becomes a major focus. We cannot reduce those problems but can lessen the amount of time you will need to spend managing your landscape with our maintenance services.

American Veteran Landscape will maintain all aspects of your exterior maintenance and provide you with a reporting system that will keep you up to date on the condition of your property. We will monitor the health of your landscape, as well as, offer you ideas on how to enhance your overall landscape for the long term.

American Veteran Landscaping specializes in maintaining office parks, homeowner associations, corporate campuses, retail spaces, industrial parks, and hospitality.

Purple Flowers

Seasonal Color Programs

AVL provides premiere seasonal color design services. Whether it be Spring, or Fall color, our staff of award winning Seasonal Color Designers will create something unique for your garden. Our thoughtful landscape designs can provide aesthetically pleasing Winter interest on your property.

Our designers meet with all clients before each annual flower installation to insure that our designs meet their expectations. American Veteran Landscape  designs seasonal color based on the principles of color theory and how that relates to the surrounding architecture.

By utilizing this design/build approach to seasonal color, American Veteran Landscape has established itself as the leader in Seasonal Color Design.

Snow Removal Truck

Snow and Ice Control

Accurate Property Snow Map

American Veteran’s snow removal services begin with accurate mapping. We work with you to create a precise property map for your snow removal services contract. Our team surveys your property to account for obstacles like curbs and medians before it snows, so we can remove snow and ice efficiently and precisely.

Weather and Storm Reporting

Our teams actively check weather data and watch for storms to dispatch crews accordingly.  Properties are scheduled and serviced according to their contract specifications and triggers.  Triggers are the depth of snow you would like your property to reach for snow removal.  These triggers start at trace and go by inch increments (1”, 2”, 3”, etc.).

If your property does not meet the trigger, we can still have our crews do ice control on your property to ensure your family or staff’s safety.

Quality Ice Control Products

American Veteran Landscape only uses the highest-grade ice melt for your property. Our ice melt is made from calcium chloride, which does not harm plant material or damage hardscaping.

Well-Maintained Equipment

American Veteran Landscape uses state-of-the-art equipment and keeps all materials in proper working order. We do regular maintenance on our equipment to ensure we provide you with the best snow and ice removal services in town.

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